Freely -Mobile App – Initial Phase (confidential)

Share things you dont need anymore for free (regionally and globally)


improve the living standard of
people with less income

reduce use of ressources and
green house gas emissions

connect people locally and internationally

help building up an internet school
in the capital of Ghana, Accra


Why does the world need the freely app?

– A lot of unwanted stuff is trashed nowadays and produces unnecessary waste and is an irresponsible use of ressources.

– Things are thrown away that are still useful for others, especially for those individuals with a lower income or minimalist lifestyle,

– Often people just want to get rid of things quickly and do not want to put in the effort to sell them on the second hand market – or the offered price is not worth the hassle.

– People may prefer to make their junk available to others, who can make use of it.

– Even in wealthy countries, there is a dividing gap between people with low income or without a fair chance to be employed , who would profit from freely given away things.

– Globally we still have too many people, whose basic needs are not yet sufficiently covered . That’s why we want to experiment with the possibilties to share things, even internationally, through post services or even develop cheaper container logistics to distribute needed things to other areas of the world.

– But even in the EU with its economical differences, free distribution of things could be helpful.

– Also, there are increasingly more people that live a sustainable or minimalistic lifestyle, that prefer reused stuff rather then buying new things.


Sharing for free today

At the moment there are many sharing groups on social media platforms, such as facebook, as well as plattforms which sell items, also offer categories to give them away for free. Nethertheless an app can bring free sharing to a total new level using app and smart phone technology. This includes:

searching functions to find things (which is not so easily possible in facebook groups),
observing functions to find things. Receive a message once a needed product becomes available.
Geolocation, showing offered stuff nearest to you.
Promoting the idea of sharing with a new app project.


Sharing Internationally

Beside the mainly regional use, we also want to experiment with international use, to distribute needed stuff also to people especially in poorer EU countries and even to Africa. People could be invited to send stuff and paying the post costs as a donation or things could be collected in cities to be sent with containers to other countries all together, which might be cheaper solutions then postal sendings per item.

Operational Inital Phase: Prototype Development

Time Table

Organisation Chart






Budget Initial Phase

Project Management 100 €
Programing 40 h 400 €
500 €


Alexander Trinkl, com.passion – Communication with Values, Austria, Vienna.

In cooperation with


Kojo Frederick Akrofi, Webkings Ghana, Accra.

The mobile app is going to be programmed by Kojo Frederick Akrofi, who is running Webkings in Ghana capital Accra.


Webkings Africa

The income also allows Kojo Akrofi to further run his internet school in Accra Ghana. Webkings shares the vision to empower African youth with programming skills, that allow them to generate incomes and wants to expand to many branches all over Africa after an initial phase of training 60 students.

The payment of Webkings will be in installments, once worksteps are delivered. The progress will be masterminded externally by another programmer. In case of successful cooperation a European-African joint venture is planned, to open a wider market for Webkings and its students.

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