Travel Winter 2017 Peru: Arrival in Lima – To be continued


Lima is a fantastic metropolian at the Pacific ocean. I currently enjoy the starting summer and the sunshine and fresh breeze at the Pacific ocean. Criminality is an issue, mentioned also by Peruans and I have a little bit more aware lifestyle, but generally Lima is friendly and peaceful. The airpolution is present, but much better near the ocean. (I had a little bit wired start arriving at Lima in a more central district and not knowing more of the city. So I do not even see a danger for a travel shock anymore.) The popular districts with higher quality of living, nearby the beach are Mira Flores and Baranco.

Generally Peru appears to me as friendly, peaceful and work oriented. So I see a lot of potential for Peru to strenghens it´s position in tourism and export to bring more cash flow into the country and decrease poverty and criminality, which would be surely followed by even more tourism.



The fruit and juice culture is amazing. And for a European there are still some new fruits to discover. The richness of tropical fruits is part of daily life and nutrition. A blender to create a tropical juice is a normal equipment in a household. (Tropical fruit juices like pineapple etc. are made with a blender adding some water).


Eating and Cooking in Lima

Beside touristical and overprices cooking offers, I found this gastronomical school that offers also workshops.

“Arroz de la Cuba” I cooked already myself after eating in a restaurant. The maize not mixed with the rice and much more coriander. My airbnb-hosts told me that “Arroz the Cuba” is meant to be with eggs, so I also tried this version. I started to love cooking banana. We should definitly import more cooking banana and make it part of our dishes!


Vamos Peru! Peru qualified in a match agains New Zealand for the World Cup in Russia 2018

Seconds after Peru won the soccer game Peruans celebrated in Lima. The good vibes were even recognized by earth quake detectors.

Honesty I normally don´t involve into soccer games, but today I am with Peru. The whole country seems to take part and I can feel a lot of good vibes. I think international sports can be very motivational for a country to foster self confidence and power in a peaceful way. At TV they show even ancient traditional rituals and dances for the competion today. Vamos Peru!



I started to deal and reflect Peruan history and what it stills means for Peru and it´s neighbour countries and Europe today … (Big topic and I wonna write more about it later.)

The Inca Monarchy only got 100 years to appear as the uniting power of the Anden tribes before their kingdom was destoyed by the Spanish invaders. Machu Picchu is an Inca city that was not destroyed by Spanish and therefore attracts thousands of visitors every day.

A documentary about Machu Pichhu:


Arrival in Lima – The shock – 4th-11th November 2018

I really stepped into Lima with the wrong foot. I landed between a friends home without sunlight in a poorer neighborhood, shocking air pollution and a starbucks in a mall, where you pay almost 4 € for a big capuccino. 4 days I was fighting to organize my mobile internet and thought: so thats Lima a hell of concrete, airpollution, disorder and working-survival stress. Where I can only stay in my home without sunlight or sit in the starbucks and have expensive cappuccino. Where you can´t get out of your area, cause is dangerous at every corner and there is no usable public transport and the distances to get somewhere else are too long. I did not even know if there is somewhere else. Also my mobile phone has no roaming in Peru – just Peru! – so I can´t use netbanking and unlock my cash card and got after my first lunch in a restaurant the so called tourist indigestion. (And just to mention had a love drama )

Well Lima is sure an adventure and maybe in some aspects a shock for somebody that grew up in Europe, but there is more to discover then my first impression ) …


The air pollution is massive. In my first area there is all the time a biting smell in the air. I adopted to this unacceptable situation. At the moment I take it with humor and say I have the smoker feeling back in my mouth, throat and a gentle production of mucus in my lungs. The air quality is much better in the richer districts near the ocean.


I took me some days. But yes I believe in the possiblity for development and a greater future. There is no alternative then make things happen and reshape reality with all it´s obstacles.

The team at Movistar was very engaged and wanted a selfie with me. Unfortunately the internet package did not start the same day, not the next day and not the day to follow. So finally quit my business relation and changed to another company.

“The cactus is bigger …” A vacation for lunch in a garden to regeneratate with my friends family. The plants, vegetables and fruits are even bigger than in Spain.

I moved to a hotel for 15€ in the same cheap neighborhood. Electric installation of my shower. Well finally I was happy that the security switch of the electricty to heat my shower always turned of.

Lima Center. My first look at order after some days. Order how much I missed you.

Tribut to General José de San Martín: José Francisco de San Martín y Matorras (25 February 1778 – 17 August 1850) or El Libertador of Argentina, Chile and Peru, was an Argentine general and the prime leader of the southern part of South America’s successful struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire who served as the Protector of Peru.é_de_San_Martín

Friday Evening at Miraflores, a wealthier district near the ocean. Let´s walk to the ocean and breath cleaner air.

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