Pre-Order Now: Blue Alien T-Shirt and help start an organic & fair fashion brand

Blue Alien – Single release T-Shirt to start up a new organic and fair fashion brand

The „Blue Alien“ is an intervention to a globalising society still struggling with human diversity. Pre-selling this single T-Shirt release shall allow the start a clothing brand combining pioneering statements & designs with ecological and fair production. Winter 2017 I visited Peru: Confronted with the dramatic history of South America, acknowledging the Latinamerican passion still challenged by an uprising economy – I felt the urge to contribute to a balanced world with just trade relations.

Pre Order Blue Alien T-Shirt now! 35 € including worldwide shipping – Delivery to be expected from April 2018

Prepayment after receiving bill via bank transfer or paypal


Make clothing enjoyable for comsumers and producers

  • I want to make ecological, just and fair excellent quality product offers available at the market, be an example and challenge for other companies and raise consumer proud. As today’s global clothing production goes still along with too much human exploitation, environmental destruction and often also with a lack of quality.
  • Pioneering statements and designs that mean more than a profit seeking product including a fair share for artists and creatives.
  • Highest valuable quality pima cotton for long time enjoyment.

Recognizing Peruvian cotton and garment industry I visited two certified organic and fair manufacturers to partner with:

-fully certified and audited to organic and social standards

– operating within Peru´s legal framework – in a country where a huge number of companies is informal – which means regulated working hours, 4 weeks holidays and 15 wages (2 extra for holidays and 1 building up reserves in case of unemployment)


Start a new organic and fair clothing brand

Start up steps:

  • Production and proof of samples
  • Production & delivery of first 125-500 organic and just manufactured T-Shirts „Blue Alien“
  • Development, international registration and launch of fashion brand
  • Release of further T-Shirt collection
  • Launching Online Shop
  • Release of full clothing collection and accessories
  • Pop Up-Shop
  • Regular Shops


Call for Cooperation 

  • Please share this crowdfunding presell campaign with personal recommendations,  e-mail and social media
  • Artists, creatives and fashion designers are welcome to present proposals for future releases
  • Investors, shop keepers and online sellers are welcome to get connected for future cooperations with this start up.


Alexander Trinkl, Founder

Reformer: Freedom, Social Justice, Sustainability

I considers myself as a reformer promoting freedom, ecological and social causes from teenage years – including being governmental member of Federal Austrian Student Union, running independent NGO-projects for a decade and being head of a campaign laboratory and responsible for direct communication in the public sphere at former Finance Ministers Hannes Androsch´s Education Initiative.

Today I support ethical businesses with communication services and work on start ups in the field of innovations networks, tourism, healthy cuisine and just trade.



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