5 Weeks @ inspire! co.living Barcelona for “People with a Cause” – Apply now for the year 2018

inspire! co.living is a co.living space for “People with a Cause” operating on a cost sharing basis.

Beside 4 people living long term at inspire! co.living we offer a great double room studio with own bathroom from April til October 2018 for intermediate stay of minimum 5 weeks in Barcelona.

(According to law intermediate rents in Barcelona – to make sure that they are not touristical – have to have a minimum stay of 32 nights)

Cost sharing price of 175 € per week, minimum stay is 5 weeks.

Sponsorships: Is possible to get a sponsorship price or even free stay. Just ask and tell why you need a sponsorship. To have money is and should not be not the only measure to evaluate the value of a person and decide to allow business and cooperation or not.



I see co-living as a analog trend to co-working. People with a more integrated mind set of values, using internet, mobile computers and cheaper transport implementing their dreams for themselves and the world into today´ss systems. inspire! co.living space is looking for “People with a Cause”.

Oceana giving a concert at the terrace

Eduardo, composer from Chile and me

Dina and Johnny, two digital nomads from Germany and U.S. staying five weeks

Residents and guests


Amazing Terrace



Small Office


Living Room



Double room studio with own bathroom

We will upgrade the furniture till spring 2018 😉






1st April – 6th May 2018, 875 € including bills (available)

6th May – 10th June 2018, 875 € including bills (available)

10th June – 15th July 2018, 875 € including bills (available)

15th July – 19th August 2018, 875 € including bills (available)

19th August – 23rd September 2018, 875 € including bills (available)

23rd September – 28th October 2018 , 875 € including bills (available)

You need dates outside this frame. Just let me know and I will see if I can coordinate for you.


Applications for 2018 is opened

In case of interest please send us a short application. As soon as you are accepted you can book your studio for the choosen intermediate stay @ inspire co.living space Barcelona.





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