Call: Invest 100 € in inspire! space Barcelona and get 107€ back or a week stay in Barcelona

@Palau de la Musica Catalana, Barcelona, Katalonia, Espania

2.600 € of 8.300 € financed so far (31,3%). Thank you!!! (Status 3-12-17, 21.48 a.m)

Call: Invest 100 € in inspire! space Barcelona and get 107€ back in a year or one week in Barcelona

Dear friends & interested!

inspire! space is a living and working space for “people with a cause” and is the first space of inspire! global network, a small but promising international network of “people with a cause!”

Long term, intermediate, guests & events

Beside 4 people living long term at inspire! we offer a great double room studio with own bathroom from April til October 2018 for intermediate stay of minimum 5 weeks. Applications for an intermediate stay in 2018 are possible here:

Shorter stays are possible for free in the  window salon office which  is also transformable into another guest room. Beside that we want to organize weekly events and a monthly party.

inspire! space was opened in September 2017 and after a pilot phase facing different challanges like group dynamics and legal questions, which where consuming a lot of energy, time and money, inspire! space found its formation but needs a restart funding.


Amazing Terrace to chill out and for events


Living room


Oceana, Singer from France giving a concert at the terrace

Digital Nomad Dina from Germany working on the terrace

Great funny exchange with Eduardo, composer from Chile
Residents and guests


I see co-living as a analog trend to co-working. People with a more integrated mind set of values, using internet, mobile computers and cheaper transport implementing their dreams for themselves and the world into today´s systems. Co-Working and Co-Living are the Woodstock of integrated values!



Within the mean that also people are permanently living at inspire! space I am also open for your ideas and cooperations at the venue. As investor you are of course part of the network and I have an open ear for your ideas.


Micro-Investment Funding:

Refunding of 5 deposits: 8 x 1.600 € = 8.000 €

Legal adivsory costs 2 h: 300 €


8.300 €


Call til 5 th December 2018:

83 micro-investors of 100 €, interest paid out 7%, so 107 € after one year, 214 after 2 year or 321 after 3 years. (Shorter periods of investment are possible as with the return of investment we can pay out 1-4 people per month).

Or you can stay 1 week in our salon guest room in Barcelona @inspire space, which is also the security of your investment.

You receive a written and signed contract with me.


Return of investment

+ 400€ before tax per month when all rooms are rented out.

+8.000 € deposit back 1st September 2019 or prolonging of contract and ongoing income.

Beside that I take the responsible for the payback with my income and you have the option to change your investment into a one week stay, which is also secured with another guest room in my private flat.

I would be more than happy if we can re-finance the first inspire! space in Barcelona. Any questions please call or write me via or

Thanks for your attention and hope to see you in Barcelona or soon at the next inspire! space in another city,






Yes, I offer Alexander Trinkl a micro-investment to restart inspire! Barcelona. Pleseconfirm my offer and timetable and send me a contract and your bank account information so I can transfer til 4th December 2018.







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